Why You Need An I.C.E. Flash Drive...

If there were a fire, flood, or other SHTF emergency, would your important documents such as birth certificates, passport, deed, licenses, permits be safe? Protect yourself by scanning all your important documents and storing them on your ICE "In-Case-Of-Emergency" Flash Drive.

What to Store On Your ICE Flash Drive:

• Government Issued IDs
• Licenses, Permits, and Certifications
• Important Documents
• Medical Records
• Bank Accounts
• Contracts
• Vaccination Records
• Credit Card Accounts
• Wills
• Health Plan Information
• Insurance (Home/Auto)
• Power of Attorney
• Advance Directives
• Real Estate / Mortgage
• Divorce / Custody Papers
• Business Records
• Rental Agreement
• Restraining Orders
Other Important Information
• Current Photos of Each Family Member and Pets
• Important Family Pictures
• Emergency Contact List with Addresses + Phone Numbers

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